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Appeal to Eritrean in Diaspora:

Without organizing & mobilizing the efforts of Eritrean Diaspora & without activating the silent majority of Eritrean Diaspora who would like to do something for their people, and their country, but do not know how. That is what EFSJD is planning to do. Appeal to all Eritrean in Diaspora!
We think of EFSJD as a vehicle that use Eritreans’ ideas & efforts to help bring real changes for the Eritrean people. Therefore, we call upon all Eritreans in Diaspora and America in particular to come forward and join with their skills and talents the ongoing efforts. If you think our objectives & goals are the same of what you hold, please

contact us at:

We believe Eritrean can do more than empty calls. We can start with ourselves. Those of us who are in the US, Europe, and Gulf countries are capable to extend help to  their brothers & sisters in the refugee camps. They can also draw the attention of international Relief organizations toward the humanitarian crisis of Eritrean refugees. This cannot be done without you.


You can mail your check/Money order to:

Eritrean Foundation for Social Justice & Development

P.O Box 710024
Herndon, VA 20171

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